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What Is A Sales Funnel

By salesfunneltemplate

December 10, 2023

Sales funnels

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a funnel-designed strategy for leading customers to make a decision for purchasing the goods and services that you are supplying.  Unqualified leads occupy the wide part of the funnel and as they get closer to the narrow part they qualify themselves as your ideal customer.  A sales funnel template is an important tool for creating more sales. The following are sample templates stages to follow on your sales pages.

Present an ideal offer or service

A pre-requisite for qualifying your prospects into being potential customers is through offering a valuable offer. Have a niche of the people you are targeting. Through this offer, you may need to meet their needs in an easier manner than it was offered before. You will also need to deliver on the offer that you presented once the customer accepts to buy the goods and services.

So, one of the books that I found to be most helpful in discovering who my ideal customer was is called: Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson.  In this book, he discusses how to find your avatar (ideal customer) and how to reverse engineer your funnel to provide value that is congruent with what you are offering.  Click Here to read my review of Dotcom Secrets.

Qualifying a lead

A qualification stage incorporates separating a lead that has the potential to go through the next stage of the funnel from the rest. The ones that go through more stages are your ideal customer and can end up being potential sales. These customers have the capability of making a purchase. You will qualify a customer based on his confidence level in providing relevant information, nature of inquiry or the customer patience. You may also use a sales funnel template spreadsheet to qualify a potential prospect.


This is the end of the stages where the customer has both the willingness and capability to make a purchase. At this stage, the deal is officially done. A customer has either paid in full or signed a contract. As a businessperson, you only need to process payment and deliver the goods as per the customer’s expectation.

The bottom line

Overall, a sales funnel is a simpler model that summarizes the process of making a sale. The stages are meant to identify the best prospects that have the potential of making a sale. It is a diagnostic tool for ensuring that you not only have a wide customer base, but also a reliable market source.

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