The Sales Funnel Explained

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Landing pages are crucial to achieving success online.

Every online business knows that not all visitors on their site end-up purchasing the products and services that are being offered. Due to time constraints, some of them even don’t subscribe to your mailing list at the end of their session. A large number of visitors leave instantly after getting on to your landing page. You lose more potential buyers as they move on researching for more options. As people make choices and go thru your landing pages, such events are categorized as conversion funnel.  This is a funnel where a large group of people are brought in and you end up with your ideal customer as they go thru your process (funnel).


Your target on your landing page is to increase the conversion rate on your site. This is something that you can do by implementing your conversion funnel. Therefore, by enhancing your relationship with the prospective customers and gaining trust you and inprove your conversion rate in the affiliate marketing.

The following are some points are worth considering:


  1. Shorten the procedure required to make the conversion. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is in hurry and wish to accomplish things instantaneously. Visitors will definitely extol your efforts if you make the conversion process easy and uncomplicated.


  1. Provide your visitors the synopsis of information required. If you want some information from your visitors, restrict it to what really is of utmost value. Once you earn their trust, later on, you can follow up with them for supplementary elements. Visitors must feel satisfied, educated and/0r entertained while giving you the information you require.


  1. Expose information in a professional manner. Use uncluttered, manageable navigation and congenial design to lead the visitor through the check-out process. Use “above the fold” space for forms to be filled. Don’t expect them to explore form themselves. You can use bold text and fonts but refrain from overdoing it. Use precise and unambiguous language. Clearly, mention other labels for what is required and what isn’t. If you are looking for a premade funnel, one that you can download and copy for your business I have included a link below.



  1. Keep testing, test, testing… Every visitor, who explores your website thinks differently from the other ones after landing on your site. You can keep track of the visitors and conversion rates through analytics. Research on what landing page design and conversion funnel model works exclusively for you.


You can not expect to have the perfect landing page from the very beginning but you can surely trim out the fluff. In this dynamic world, your website should demonstrate the similar view. Stimulating landing pages are a sure shot way to make your process of conversion a success.


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