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Network Marketing Secrets Review

By salesfunneltemplate

June 2, 2019

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In this blog post, I review the new book Network Marketing Secrets by Russell Brunson.

I recently purchased Network Marketing Secrets.  The book was very easy to follow and it showed me how I can successfully build my Network Marketing business online. Are you a Network Marketer who is struggling to grow your team.  Are you tired of trying to convince your friends and family to join your team?  Are people starting to avoid talking with you?  Have you joined the infamous NFL (No Friends Left) club?  What is the one critical step that you are missing?  If you’re in network marketing, this is a game-changing book that just came out that you need to add to your collection… (and since you can get it for FREE, why not...right?)

Do you want to learn the secret funnel strategies that will easily attract the right people to your team?

In one of my earlier posts, I covered what a sales funnel was.   Click Here to review that article.  So... how can I use a sales funnel to grow my Network Marketing team?  How do I attract the right people? How do I attract people who are so interested in what I am selling that they are asking me to sign them up?  Wouldn't this be awesome? Funnels are not difficult.  In fact, I use a powerful webpage builder called ClickFunnels and I use it to build all of my funnels.  All you are doing is taking the in-person sales process and putting it online so that it is automated.  If you are using ClickFunnels duplication is easy because you are able to share your funnel with any other ClickFunnels member.  The beauty with this is that not only are you growing your NWM Team but as your team uses ClickFunnels and signs up thru your link you will start to get monthly residual income from ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

 #1 Figure Out Who Your Ideal Customer Is.  Who Is Your Avatar?

In order for a funnel to be effective, you need to know who you are selling to or who you want on your team.  Your funnel will not be very effective if you try to sell to everyone.  There are so many people out there that are looking for what you have.  Your sales will improve if you focus on your target market and what they need/want.  Basically, you have two ideal clients:  those that like to sell stuff because they love the product and those that are the business builder type.  In order for your funnel to be effective, you need to focus on one type of client.  Your message will be garbled if you try to market to both types of people with the same funnel.  Your message needs to be clear. On page 30 you learn the one thing that you need to do/master in order to be profitable with your funnel.  This is the step that most people miss...

#2 The Four Steps of the Viral Loop

Epiphany Bridge:  The Epiphany bridge is telling your story in a way that other people have the same epiphany as you did.  When they have the same epiphany then they will sign up.  Some people really struggle with telling their story.  For others, it has been such a long journey. It is your journey that has led you to the product that you are selling.  Being able to tell your story is such an important factor that  Russell has dedicated a whole chapter in his book Expert Secrets.  Get your Free Copy Here. The Demo:  The is where you want to show your prospect the product that you are selling with your company.  Demonstrate why it is faster, easier, better.  Eliminate the alternatives and then introduce the price.  Work in scarcity and urgency so that people have a reason to act now.  The last step is to explain your guarantee. The Call To Action (CTA):  This is the step where most people get uncomfortable.  This is where you are asking for the money, closing the sale.  This does not need to be difficult if you have done the previous steps correctly.  The CTA should be clear and direct. One of the easiest ways to transition from the demo to the sale is to ask permission.   Russell covers the script on page 43 of his book. Duplication:  This is the key to making real money in NWM.  Duplication happens when the people that you refer start to refer others.  If you are using ClickFunnels this duplication process is quite easy because you can use what is called a share funnel link.  You can download the funnel directly into your account and then just edit the pages to match your personality and story. After your downline imports the funnel into their own ClickFunnels account then they can edit the links and put in their own company link so that they get the credit for their new prospects. This blog is a quick overview.  In the last chapters, Russell discusses how to make your funnel go viral as well as strategies to fill your funnel. The key take away is that:  "you do not need to "create" traffic.  It is already there and people are already online. You just have to figure out how to get those people to leave where they are and come to you instead." Learn more from Network Marketing Secrets by Russell Brunson and get your Free Book Here.        
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