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Funnel Scripts Review

This is a Funnel Scripts review article.

Funnel Scripts was created by Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards.  With this product, he makes Copywriting easy.

One of the most critical aspects of a successful funnel, high converting offer or profitable website is the written copy.  It is critical that the author has excellent copywriting skills in order to convert general site visitors and readers into leads and paying customers.  Copywriting can be the difference between success and failure.

Great Copywriters are expensive and can cost a person up to and even above $20,000.  Most new businesses can’t afford this so the next option is to try and write killer sales copy themselves.  This can take a huge amount of time, months or years to learn the skills needed.

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I have personally invested in courses and training programs in order to learn how to write sales copy.  While the training that I attended was excellent, the strategies and formulas I found took too long to implement.  Even with a proven formula, I continue to struggle with words.  It seems that I am never satisfied.  Funnel Scripts is a copywriting shortcut.

Funnel Scripts let you quickly generate customized sales copy for headlines, video scripts, email sequences, ad copy and even long form sales copy.

It only takes four steps to generate your sales copy script.

  1.  Choose the type of sales copy script that your need for your website/funnel
  2.  Fill out the necessary fields in the Funnel Scripts form.
  3.  Submit the form with Funnel Scripts and let it do its magic.
  4.  BaBaaam!!  Out comes your fantastic sales copy with an 8 figure marketers check of approval!

Once your script has been generated you can review it and make any changes you want so that it flows before you release it.  Russell even includes a handout that tells you when to use each script in your sales funnel.


Funnel Scripts is truly one of a kind tool for building cost-effective sales scripts that deliver results and sales.  I highly recommend that you get Funnel Scripts today.  The price will continue to go up as they develop and expand the software.

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