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This page is awesome and it is one of my personal favorites on this site.  It is on this page that I list out all of the best FREE books and programs this will help you build your sales funnels as well as your business.



Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets Book.

Dotcom secrets is written by Russell Brunson (Co-founder and CEO of ClickFunnels).  He is one of the most brilliant marketers on the internet right now.

This is one of the first books that I purchased when I started my online business and it really changed the way that I think about creating sales funnels and building a following.  It clarified so many topics and it has a lot of examples and action items that can be implemented right away.  It includes real-life examples regarding how to build a business online.

Once you get a copy of this book you will you will not be able to put it down.  I keep mine on my desk as a reference.


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Russell Brunson released his new book called Expert Secrets – the Underground Playbook.  Russell is a marketing expert and he really knows how to build a following of loyal customers.  The information in this book is relevant to people who are trying to build an online business as well as for people who have a traditional brick and mortar business.  Both groups of people need a large group of people who are loyal customers.

Currently, Russell is giving away this book for free ( just pay the small shipping and handling charge).  I don’t know how long this special will last.

Combine this with Dot Com Secrets and you will be well on your way.

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Funnelhackers Cookbook

The Funnelhackers Cookbook is written by Russell Brunson (Co-Founder and CEO of ClickFunnels

This is his newest book that he recently launched:
…and, for the immediate time being, he’s been PAYING for people’s books…
He’ll cover the cost the actual book (you’ve just got to cover shipping).
The CookBook breaks down all of his sales funnels into easy-to-read “recipes”, so anybody can easily create them.
Do you need a webinar funnel? – he’s got the exact funnel recipe for that….
If you need a VSL funnel, there’s a specific recipe for that…
He has recipes for every kind of funnel you can imagine!
No more guesswork about which funnel to use. Get proven formulas that are built for instant conversion and profits.
The book is free… and all you pay is the shipping costs.
There’s no hidden charges…no membership or trial. Grab your free book and enjoy! 


Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Boot Camp is a 100-day training on how to be successful with online marketing.  This training takes you thru step by step how you can build your business and retire in 100 days.  The Boot Camp is for newbies as well as those that have experience.  It goes back to the basics of affiliate marketing and teaches you how to build a thriving residual income.

  • You will learn how to create a squeeze page
  • How to select appropriate offers to build your list
  • Learn how to make sales right away

By the end of the training, you will have created multiple funnels and you will be well on your way to building a huge following of hungry customers and grow your business.

When I started the boot camp I had no experience with building an online business whatsoever.  The boot camp includes daily action steps which I loved because it kept me on track and I could work at my own pace.

Earn as you learn!

As a Click Funnels Affiliate, you will learn about sticky cookies.  What this means is that once you introduce someone to the ClickFunnels program and they go thru your link they are locked into your code so you are able to earn commisions on any products that they purchase.  This is an amazing bonus to an already cool and awesome program.

This training is currently FREE but quite frankly with that amount of value that is included, I think this training should be sold for $997.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to build their business online whether it is affiliate marketing, network marketing or brick and mortar.  You can use this as another revenue stream or as your main online business.

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Take action while it is still FREE.

BONUS I will give you my Affiliate Side Hustle Funnel for Free.  You can implement this and follow the steps and be up and running within a couple of hours. You will need a ClickFunnels account in order to be able to download my Funnel.

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